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Cupcake Purse


20170809_121544I am not sure I like this one. I hope granddaughters do. It’s by Jayda in Stitches,  and trust me, hers is way cuter than mine.


Midsummer update 2017


As usual, I am having wordpress issues! I would have to render a guess, but it is probably much easier to do this on say, a laptop as opposed to my tablet, but I will give it a try!

I made this for my grand daughters. She is a free pattern from Amigurumi Today. The most difficult part was her hair. I went on to YouTube and watched demos on different ways people put on hair. I did a wig cap and cut long strands and attached them to wig cap like a scarf fringe   She is all acrylic  yarn (redheart) and stuffed with scraps. I added some beads and voila!  I think she looks great.  She turned out approximately  14 inches.20170806_120858

June Yarn Haul


I had decided that I was going to go on my day off to troll for yarn. I have a couple places I like to hit up, and they are all on the Northwest side of town. This is probably a blessing in disguise as I would spend money all the time. If it takes me a little bit to get there, I think twice about going.  Having said that, I girded my loins and faced 410 traffic. It wasn’t too bad. Only had one slight panic attack 😀

My first stop was Big Lots, but this was a disappointment, as the manager said she got rid of her craft department a year ago. Which shows you how often I go to Big Lots. So, off to my independent local yarn store. More disappointment! They were not open. Well!!

I then went to Hobby Lobby, where I knew for sure they were open and had yarn. I like Hobby Lobby, don’t get me wrong, but they only want you to buy their house brand.  Which is alright, but I was kind of on the hunt for variety. Well, I did score some good stuff.

Hobby LobbyI am not the worlds greatest photographer, but you get the idea.

-Vanna’s Choice In Oceania

-I Love This Yarn sport weight color Mod Blue Multi

-I Love This Cotton in color Natural. Actually, my favorite cotton yarn.

-The elusive “L” hook!! Yes, I actually found one. It is plastic, but I got one

-Bamboospun in Confection 82% bamboo and 18% polyamide. This is fabulous, I could have stood there for a long time, just squeezing this yarn. It is chunky and plush, seriously have to get more of this stuff

Grand total with tax. $13.35. Not bad, not bad.

In the same shopping centre is a Hancock Fabrics, they had yarn, but a little pricy, so I didn’t get anything there (they have a smallish section of Red Heart and Lion brand, no sales that day).

This is getting a little long, so will continue with a different post