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Red Heart Boutique


imageimageAfter staring at this yarn every time I went to the Walmart, Mrs El Cheapo broke down and bought it. At $4.47 a skein, it doesn’t break the bank, but we live on a tight budget. Husband worked a lot of overtime, so I splurged. (For me, this is a splurge) I’m so glad I did. The colors are just gorgeous. The yarn works well with my tension on a H hook. The yarn strands varies from skinny to thicker, but I like that effect. I decided on a smallish shawl in the shells and v stitch pattern from stitch a day on youTube. It’s a easy pattern to follow. I haven’t done any tutorials with ┬áhim, but he is pretty easy to follow along with. I don’t know his first name, as he didn’t introduce himself, but he’s cool. So right now this is a WIP for me. I’ve got other stuff going on, so don’t expect it to be a TGIF project anytime soon!

Til later, happy crochet!


The youTube channel is New Stirch A Day, the pattern is called Double Shells and V’s. The instructor is Johnny Vasquez.