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June Yarn Haul


I had decided that I was going to go on my day off to troll for yarn. I have a couple places I like to hit up, and they are all on the Northwest side of town. This is probably a blessing in disguise as I would spend money all the time. If it takes me a little bit to get there, I think twice about going.  Having said that, I girded my loins and faced 410 traffic. It wasn’t too bad. Only had one slight panic attack 😀

My first stop was Big Lots, but this was a disappointment, as the manager said she got rid of her craft department a year ago. Which shows you how often I go to Big Lots. So, off to my independent local yarn store. More disappointment! They were not open. Well!!

I then went to Hobby Lobby, where I knew for sure they were open and had yarn. I like Hobby Lobby, don’t get me wrong, but they only want you to buy their house brand.  Which is alright, but I was kind of on the hunt for variety. Well, I did score some good stuff.

Hobby LobbyI am not the worlds greatest photographer, but you get the idea.

-Vanna’s Choice In Oceania

-I Love This Yarn sport weight color Mod Blue Multi

-I Love This Cotton in color Natural. Actually, my favorite cotton yarn.

-The elusive “L” hook!! Yes, I actually found one. It is plastic, but I got one

-Bamboospun in Confection 82% bamboo and 18% polyamide. This is fabulous, I could have stood there for a long time, just squeezing this yarn. It is chunky and plush, seriously have to get more of this stuff

Grand total with tax. $13.35. Not bad, not bad.

In the same shopping centre is a Hancock Fabrics, they had yarn, but a little pricy, so I didn’t get anything there (they have a smallish section of Red Heart and Lion brand, no sales that day).

This is getting a little long, so will continue with a different post

Red Heart Boutique


imageimageAfter staring at this yarn every time I went to the Walmart, Mrs El Cheapo broke down and bought it. At $4.47 a skein, it doesn’t break the bank, but we live on a tight budget. Husband worked a lot of overtime, so I splurged. (For me, this is a splurge) I’m so glad I did. The colors are just gorgeous. The yarn works well with my tension on a H hook. The yarn strands varies from skinny to thicker, but I like that effect. I decided on a smallish shawl in the shells and v stitch pattern from stitch a day on youTube. It’s a easy pattern to follow. I haven’t done any tutorials with  him, but he is pretty easy to follow along with. I don’t know his first name, as he didn’t introduce himself, but he’s cool. So right now this is a WIP for me. I’ve got other stuff going on, so don’t expect it to be a TGIF project anytime soon!

Til later, happy crochet!


The youTube channel is New Stirch A Day, the pattern is called Double Shells and V’s. The instructor is Johnny Vasquez.

Hats for Charity


imageHere is some hats I have made for no one in particular.  I know Yolanda Soto Lopez takes hat donations in the late fall for her orphanage in Mexico, so perhaps that’s where they will go.

The hat with the braids and pom pom and the one on the bottom are the same pattern. It is a good example of different finishing options.

The dark one at top didn’t photograph very well. It is called the Winter Blast hat, I did it in a yarn by Loops and Threads in a color called Luxury. The purples, grays and greens in it are lovely.  It also has a cool texture to it, which makes it special.

Designer acknowledgment:

Mikey from the Crochet Crowd- Winter Blast Hat, USA peak hat

Clare Sullivan-bobwilson123-beanies, how to make a ribbed edging