Nadia from Yarnutopia


Very talented lady. I did her 365 days of granny squares last year and learned so much!  Here is two from her.




I really enjoy making booties  They are relatively  quick and cute.  The yellow ones are by Nadia from Yarnutopia.   Awesomely talented girl, and Emie from Hectanooga1, can’t say enough good things about her.  The ladybug, pink booties and bunnies are by her.20170806_121610

Baby dresses and bonnets by Crystal from Bag O Day Crochet


Midsummer update 2017


As usual, I am having wordpress issues! I would have to render a guess, but it is probably much easier to do this on say, a laptop as opposed to my tablet, but I will give it a try!

I made this for my grand daughters. She is a free pattern from Amigurumi Today. The most difficult part was her hair. I went on to YouTube and watched demos on different ways people put on hair. I did a wig cap and cut long strands and attached them to wig cap like a scarf fringe   She is all acrylic  yarn (redheart) and stuffed with scraps. I added some beads and voila!  I think she looks great.  She turned out approximately  14 inches.20170806_120858