TGIF. (Thank God it’s finished) !

My mother's flower garden

My mother’s flower garden

Baby's granny square & hat

Baby’s granny square & hat.                    

The very good thing about being off sick is the time needed to finish projects. The flower garden is based on a tutorial by Bethintx. I believe she called it flowers in a row. As usual, I can’t follow the rules and did what I wanted. I’m choosing to call this creative instead of bull headed. Lol. I like it a lot. I hope my mum will love it as well.

The baby granny is for Hayden’s baby. It was one strand of 8 ply white & 2 strands Bernat baby yarn. Super simple over sized granny with single crochet around the border. I made a hat to match just using one stand.

As gimmeyarn 418 says TGIF –thank God it’s finished.

What’s going on health wise


So, I went to see my doctor. Basically, my immune system is not where it should be. I seem to pick up whatever virus is floating about. She gave me a steroid shot and told me to avoid the public for a few days. Not that I could get someone sick, rather, that I could pick up something else. So, I’m okay withimage that. Being a homebody is fine for me. More crochet time! Yay!

While I sat in the lobby at the doctors, I made a chicken potholder by Crystal from Bag-o-Day crochet. Super cute, exceptionally quick and easy.  I was thrilled because my kitchen is rooster and chicken things. So, thanks Crystal! You cheered me up.

I have a few finished items that I want to post, very geeked about finishing one in particular. But, that will wait for later.

Til next time….

Cruddy week, Thank God for crochet


imageIt has been a hella crazy week here in Texas.  I don’t know if anyone has watched the news, but Lordy! It has rained and rained. The good news is we are not in a drought anymore, (at least where my husband and I are), the horrid part is people died. A young lady died when her car was washed away after her prom in Devine, Tx. My heart just breaks for her parents.  Bless all of you.

On the hooking front, I have been very very bad!!  I started 3 new projects and finished nothing :(. Bad bad! I blame Zee from zeldarj3 on youTube. I wanted my own poncho!!!  Sorry Zee! You just make it sound so cool.

The above pic is my rainbow rectangle granny from Clare at Bobwilson123. I Like anything where you change colors all the time.  Probably will make a great Christmas present for a grandchild.

The other cruddy thing is I have a terrible head cold or sinus infection. I go see my doc today.

I hope everyone is well and not cruddy. Much love. …..

Hats for Charity


imageHere is some hats I have made for no one in particular.  I know Yolanda Soto Lopez takes hat donations in the late fall for her orphanage in Mexico, so perhaps that’s where they will go.

The hat with the braids and pom pom and the one on the bottom are the same pattern. It is a good example of different finishing options.

The dark one at top didn’t photograph very well. It is called the Winter Blast hat, I did it in a yarn by Loops and Threads in a color called Luxury. The purples, grays and greens in it are lovely.  It also has a cool texture to it, which makes it special.

Designer acknowledgment:

Mikey from the Crochet Crowd- Winter Blast Hat, USA peak hat

Clare Sullivan-bobwilson123-beanies, how to make a ribbed edging