June Yarn Haul


I have been thinking for awhile that I would go on a mini yarn troll. I still had a $15 credit to Michael’s and as long as I was up that way I would hit a few of my favorite yarn spots.Hobby Lobby

First I went to Big Lots to see what they had. Unfortunately, they have discontinued their craft department. Bummer! So next I went to an independent yarn store, and they were closed! Undetered, I headed for Hobby Lobby. At least I know for sure they had yarn. Yay!

I got a I love this cotton in natural, the elusive L hook, bamboo yarn which is so squishy and pretty (marked down! ), Vanna’s choice in Oceana, and a I love this yarn in Mod Blue Multi. Total $13.35. Not bad.

In the same shopping centre is Hancock Fabrics. Nothing good on sale, so I left.

(Another very old post which at the time wouldn’t upload GRR)


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