Yarn Haul part 2


My next favorite yarn place is Thrift City, mainly because you never know what your gonna get. It is always a fun suprise and CHEAP!!  If you have never considered checking out a thrift store for yarn, it is well worth your while.  I love odds and ends of yarn balls because I adore changing color all the time. They had 4 grab bags and I snagged them all! I even knocked on the back stock room door to see if they had anymore. They were probably like, who is this crazy yarn lady?!?

Thrift City

Thrift City

-Red Heart super saver in Hunter green (I didn’t know they made a hunter green)

-2 Lion brand homespun in color Creole

-Caron Wintuk in color Lullaby Ombre

-a skein of Red Heart Williamsburg vergated yarn with no label. It’s golds, blues, reds and greens

-and a whole bunch of random yarn, all different kinds. Even the weird furry stuff I never know exactly what to do with.

-yellow plastic crochet hook

Plus, I got my husband a to go coffee mug with a fish on it (always thinking of you, dear, even when I’m in a yarn haze)  and a bag with assorted scissors.

Grand total–$18.50. Love it!!


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