What’s going on health wise


So, I went to see my doctor. Basically, my immune system is not where it should be. I seem to pick up whatever virus is floating about. She gave me a steroid shot and told me to avoid the public for a few days. Not that I could get someone sick, rather, that I could pick up something else. So, I’m okay withimage that. Being a homebody is fine for me. More crochet time! Yay!

While I sat in the lobby at the doctors, I made a chicken potholder by Crystal from Bag-o-Day crochet. Super cute, exceptionally quick and easy.  I was thrilled because my kitchen is rooster and chicken things. So, thanks Crystal! You cheered me up.

I have a few finished items that I want to post, very geeked about finishing one in particular. But, that will wait for later.

Til next time….


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