Cruddy week, Thank God for crochet


imageIt has been a hella crazy week here in Texas.  I don’t know if anyone has watched the news, but Lordy! It has rained and rained. The good news is we are not in a drought anymore, (at least where my husband and I are), the horrid part is people died. A young lady died when her car was washed away after her prom in Devine, Tx. My heart just breaks for her parents.  Bless all of you.

On the hooking front, I have been very very bad!!  I started 3 new projects and finished nothing :(. Bad bad! I blame Zee from zeldarj3 on youTube. I wanted my own poncho!!!  Sorry Zee! You just make it sound so cool.

The above pic is my rainbow rectangle granny from Clare at Bobwilson123. I Like anything where you change colors all the time.  Probably will make a great Christmas present for a grandchild.

The other cruddy thing is I have a terrible head cold or sinus infection. I go see my doc today.

I hope everyone is well and not cruddy. Much love. …..


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