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imageHershey wishes everyone a fabulous day filled with naps and catnip!


OMG Penny!


imageA quick blog post. So, just working on Marissa Marie’s rectangle granny and watching the news. Miss Penny has decided that A: I’m ignoring her B: She really likes this blanket or C: She’s just being a pain in the butt. I’m going with C. Cats!

Yarn Haul part 2


My next favorite yarn place is Thrift City, mainly because you never know what your gonna get. It is always a fun suprise and CHEAP!!  If you have never considered checking out a thrift store for yarn, it is well worth your while.  I love odds and ends of yarn balls because I adore changing color all the time. They had 4 grab bags and I snagged them all! I even knocked on the back stock room door to see if they had anymore. They were probably like, who is this crazy yarn lady?!?

Thrift City

Thrift City

-Red Heart super saver in Hunter green (I didn’t know they made a hunter green)

-2 Lion brand homespun in color Creole

-Caron Wintuk in color Lullaby Ombre

-a skein of Red Heart Williamsburg vergated yarn with no label. It’s golds, blues, reds and greens

-and a whole bunch of random yarn, all different kinds. Even the weird furry stuff I never know exactly what to do with.

-yellow plastic crochet hook

Plus, I got my husband a to go coffee mug with a fish on it (always thinking of you, dear, even when I’m in a yarn haze)  and a bag with assorted scissors.

Grand total–$18.50. Love it!!

June Yarn Haul


I had decided that I was going to go on my day off to troll for yarn. I have a couple places I like to hit up, and they are all on the Northwest side of town. This is probably a blessing in disguise as I would spend money all the time. If it takes me a little bit to get there, I think twice about going.  Having said that, I girded my loins and faced 410 traffic. It wasn’t too bad. Only had one slight panic attack 😀

My first stop was Big Lots, but this was a disappointment, as the manager said she got rid of her craft department a year ago. Which shows you how often I go to Big Lots. So, off to my independent local yarn store. More disappointment! They were not open. Well!!

I then went to Hobby Lobby, where I knew for sure they were open and had yarn. I like Hobby Lobby, don’t get me wrong, but they only want you to buy their house brand.  Which is alright, but I was kind of on the hunt for variety. Well, I did score some good stuff.

Hobby LobbyI am not the worlds greatest photographer, but you get the idea.

-Vanna’s Choice In Oceania

-I Love This Yarn sport weight color Mod Blue Multi

-I Love This Cotton in color Natural. Actually, my favorite cotton yarn.

-The elusive “L” hook!! Yes, I actually found one. It is plastic, but I got one

-Bamboospun in Confection 82% bamboo and 18% polyamide. This is fabulous, I could have stood there for a long time, just squeezing this yarn. It is chunky and plush, seriously have to get more of this stuff

Grand total with tax. $13.35. Not bad, not bad.

In the same shopping centre is a Hancock Fabrics, they had yarn, but a little pricy, so I didn’t get anything there (they have a smallish section of Red Heart and Lion brand, no sales that day).

This is getting a little long, so will continue with a different post

Hunter’s Star


imageMy nephew graduated from high school today! So happy for him (and my sister and brother-in-law).

I decided to whip him up a shiny star with chunky yellow yarn and Caron’s snow sparkle. The pattern is from Mikey and The Crochet Crowd. It is very easy and looks very cool.

I adore Caron’s snow sparkle yarn. It works up beautifully alone and with other medium or chunky worsted weight yarn.  I actually used it at Christmas to make snowflake ornaments for Christmas gifts.

I also got Penny to pose, although she was not thrilled to be moved from napping to modeling. It’s a rough life for that cat. Lol

Til later.  Happy crochet!

Red Heart Boutique


imageimageAfter staring at this yarn every time I went to the Walmart, Mrs El Cheapo broke down and bought it. At $4.47 a skein, it doesn’t break the bank, but we live on a tight budget. Husband worked a lot of overtime, so I splurged. (For me, this is a splurge) I’m so glad I did. The colors are just gorgeous. The yarn works well with my tension on a H hook. The yarn strands varies from skinny to thicker, but I like that effect. I decided on a smallish shawl in the shells and v stitch pattern from stitch a day on youTube. It’s a easy pattern to follow. I haven’t done any tutorials with  him, but he is pretty easy to follow along with. I don’t know his first name, as he didn’t introduce himself, but he’s cool. So right now this is a WIP for me. I’ve got other stuff going on, so don’t expect it to be a TGIF project anytime soon!

Til later, happy crochet!


The youTube channel is New Stirch A Day, the pattern is called Double Shells and V’s. The instructor is Johnny Vasquez.