The Mad Hatter


imageimageimageimage People like hats. More accurately, people like to put silly hats on their children. Luckily for me, I made one and then everyone wanted one. I only charge for supplies, which feeds my yarn addiction. (Did I mention I have a hoarder yarn issue?😀) So, by the time winter was over, I was sick to death of hats.  I can look back now and think, cool! I did that.

Designer acknowledgment:

Yolanda Soto Lopez-sock monkeys, Grinch, Hello Kitty, owl

Clare Sullivan from bobwilson123- basic beanie

Sabina Sun- froggie beanie

Teresitaperez84-fox (her videos are in Spanish, but they are pretty easy to follow even if you’re not bilingual)

You can find all these lovely ladies on YouTube


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