For Ciara’s wedding gift..


Every bride needs crochet gifts. I was super excited when my niece, Ciara, announced she was getting married.  For a crocheter, this is go time!  I made her gloves, necklaces, and all sorts of kitchen stuff.20170907_13334420170907_13194920170907_13192120170907_13184420170907_13203220170907_13180920170907_13175020170907_13172520170907_13170420170907_13165020170907_13163020170907_13161120170907_13154420170907_131530


For Cheyenne


My niece Cheyenne  is such a wonderful girl! I made her a scarf from Jayda in Stitches. The hat is from Nadia from Yarnutopia, I believe it’s called a Boho  hat.

20170907_13224620170907_132226This  pink one is a Bernal pop in peach, just a slouchy hat.20170907_132317

Fall Projects


20170918_123949I made these placemats for Greg and I from a pattern by Jayda in Stitches.  The  plan was for them both to be in white. HOWEVER,  the  white I was using ran out, so I switched to another white.  Can you say, hello, Lisa, dye lots?! Duh.. So, I decided to fiinish off Gregs in blue. The fact is  that I like his better.

Then Halloween is coming, so Jayda in Stitches had a pumpkin bag and the candy corn. Of course I couldn’t pass them up20170918_123903

20170918_123836This is another one from Jayda, it is her Autumn Moon blanket scarf or shawl. I didn’t like this at all. I didn’t like the colors And it was full of triple crochet. Frustrating, but I finished.20170918_12370720170918_12362820170907_131419The Batman set was made for my wonderful niece, Maria. The gauntlets are a Jayda in Stitches pattern, as is the hat.  I also stretched my abilities and made her a small notebook as well. In her tutorial, Jayda cut her logo from felt. I bought batman fabric at Joann.s and hot glued it down. Super duper easy!20170907_131452